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This category provides road maps for those who’re willing to start learning about production, motion graphics and computer graphics software online for free from scratch.

Substance Designer Logo

Getting Started with Substance Designer

Substance Designer is a parametric, nonlinear, node based texturing software which allows its user create textures by combining vectors, procedural nodes and …

Plant Factory Logo

Getting Started with Plant Factory

Plant Factory is a 3D vegetation modelling, rendering and animation software, it can also be used for architectural renderings, game creation and …

DAZ 3D Carrara logo

How to Learn Carrara Online for Free

Carrara is a 3d modelling software that comes with a huge collection of features like; modelling, editing, animation, texturing, rendering, posing, collision …

Vue logo

Getting Started with E-on Vue

Vue is a software for 3D scenery generation, it is used by major studios like; Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Sony Pictures Imageworks, …