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Comparing Between Bosch GLM 120C, Leica X4, Mileseey P7, and ADA Cosmos 150

    In the previous four posts we’ve covered four laser meters that I’ve been using extensively for the previous couple of years, in each post we’ve covered the advantages and the drawbacks of those laser meters. The meters that were previously covered were; ADA Cosmos 150, Mileseey P7, Leica X4 and the Bosch GLM 120 C.

    In this post we’re going to compare between these meters, covering the important factors that would affect your day to day usage. A winner will be selected in each category and an overall winner will be declared at the end of the post.

    Ease of Use

    Though all of the meters were easy to use, the Mileseey P7 was the easiest to use with the best interface, on the other hand the ADA Cosmos 150 has the worst interface. It takes seconds to start the Mileseey P7, select the measuring mode and start measuring, everything is clear and the touch display makes using it a breath.

    Winner: Mileseey P7


    Most of the meters tested in this comparison were accurate, the Leica X4 was the clear winner, on the other hand the Mileseey P7 was not accurate at all. The Leica X4 was accurate in both outdoors as well as indoors application. It’s worth noting that Mileseey has offered us a replacement unit (to solve the accuracy problem) but due to customs restrictions in my country, we couldn’t get it.

    Winner: Leica X4


    All of the meters tested were fairly durable, The Bosch GLM 120 C was the most durable of them, on the other hand the ADA Cosmos 150 had a malfunction that we had to fix.

    Winner: Bosch GLM 120 C

    Battery Life

    When using a laser meter you need it to work for a long period of time before needing to recharge or replace the batteries, as in either case you’ll have to stop your work and waste time replacing or recharging the batteries. The Leica X4 was a clear winner in this category as the batteries sometimes lasted for a full week.

    Winner: Leica X4


    All of the meters tested in this comparison have a nominal range that is more than 100 m, the Leica X4 has the best range even in direct sunlight, on the other hand, the Mileseey P7 gave us wrong readings in direct sunlight.

    Winner: Leica X4


    The Bosch GLM 120 C has a large color display, that was very clear to see outdoors, though not in direct sunlight. The Leica X4 display wasn’t as large but it was clear even in direct sunlight. Though the Mileseey P7 has a touch display that made using the meter a breath, but that display wasn’t very clear in direct sunlight.

    Winner: Leica X4

    Value for Money

    The Leica X4 (at the time of purchase) was the most expensive, despite that, some features were locked and required a special Leica tripod, on the other hand the Bosch GLM 120 C was reasonably priced with some handy features like the location of the tripod thread to improve accuracy, large color display and a usable and fairly easy to use interface.

    Winner: Bosch GLM 120 C

    Customer Service

    During our usage of those meters we’ve faced some difficulties and malfunctions, Milseseey was the best by far offering to replace our unit (due to the error in measurements), while Leica was the worst by a stretch with their lack of care, though the defected unit was replaced eventually, the interaction was extremely bad to say the least.

    Winner: Mileseey

    Overall Winner

    The Leica X4 is the winner in this comparison, you won’t regret buying it, if Bosch would solve the viewfinder calibration problem in the GLM 120 C it would have been the winner in this comparison, till this happens, the Leica X4 is the best laser meter you can buy.