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How to Control Apps and Websites Access to Your Social Media Accounts

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    Many websites and apps allow you to register to their service using one of your social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, G+, etc.), you might use the website or the app for one time and then forget all about it. The problem is that these websites and apps will continue to have access to your personal information whether you’re using their services it or not. The bigger problem is that some of these apps posts on your behalf on those social networks.

    This post will present a tool that you can use to know which websites and apps have access to your social media accounts and you can opt-out from those services you’re not using any more, the tool will also inform you with the types of permissions these apps/websites have.

    The tool is called My Permissions it’s available as a web app as well as an Android and iOS.  This post will show you how to use My Permission web application.

    1. Just go to the website and click on the green “Get My Permissions Cleaner” tab.1
    2. You’ll be directed to a new window, click on the orange download tab, a pop up will appear on your browser, just select “Allow”.2
    3. The application will start scanning the social media networks you’re currently signed in, and then you’ll be prompted by a window like the one below.3
    4. As it can be seen there are 9 services that have access to my twitter account and one service that has access to my Dropbox account, and the type of permissions granted to these services can also be seen from the above window.
    5. Now, if you weren’t signed in to your social network during the scan, then no results won’t appear, just click on the social media you want to scan (e.g. Facebook) and you’ll be directed to the service login window, just login and My Permissions will start the scan.4
    6. Finally, if you want to opt-out from one of the services, just go to the list of services that appeared after the scan and click on the service you want to opt-out from and click on the “Remove App” tab.

    5Now, you can regain control of your social media accounts and easily opt-out from the services you don’t want to grant access to your social media any more.