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How to Create Your Own Feedly Alternative

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    If you were a user of Google feedburner who was relying on the service to manage your RSS feeds to follow your favorite online publications and podcasts update and had to moive from it to another service after googe shattered it you might be thinking what if this new service is closed the same way as Google feedburner, then this post is here for the rescue.

    This post is a step by step guide pn how to depoly Tiny Tiny RSS which is a selfhosted (you can deploy it on your own server) rss feed reader on openshift for free. Now, and without further ado let’s jump into the tutorial.



    1. A free Openshift account, just go to OpenShift website and register using your email, no credit card is required. 1 - create openshift account


    1. After registering; go to OpenShift home page and click on the “MY APPS” on the top of the screen.2 - open Openshift Account
    2. You’ll be directed to your log-in window and enter your credentials, you’ll be directed to a new window click on the blue “Create your first application now” link.3-create openshift application
    3. You’ll be directed to a window, type “rss” in the search bar and the Tiny Tiny RSS application will appear.1 - tiny rss on openshift
    4. You’ll be directed to a new window, in the public URL; type the name of the project/application name (e.g. ttr, MyFeed, etc.) in the first space and the domain name (it’s not your real domain name, just any identification name e.g. NickName, YourName) in the second space.5 - openshift application name
    5. Leave everything as it’s and click on “Create Application” tab at the end of the page.
    6. It will take a while then you’ll be directed to a new window, just click on the blue “Not now continue” link.2 - continue to your thinkup application
    7. You’ll be directed to the main window again and it’s time to go to your ” RSS Feed Login page” and start adding your RSS feeds, to do that simply click on the blue link at the top of the screen (that’s your URL).4 - tiny rss on openshift
    8. You’ll be directed to the “Login page” where you should put your default credentials to log in (username: admin, password: password).5 - tiny rss on openshift
    9. You’ll then be redirected to the main page where you can start adding your favorite RSS feeds, to do so head to the “Action” tab on the top right corner of the screen and click on it, a drop down menu will appear, select “Subscribe”.2 - tiny rss on openshift
    10. A new window will pop to add your feed, let’s say you want to add howtolearn.me feed, just type “howtolearn.me/feed” in the field and hit the subscribe tab. You can do that for your favorite online publication or podcast.6 - tiny rss on openshift


    Now, you’ve a fully functional rss feed that is hosted for free on Openshift.