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How to Design Your Graphics Online for Free Using Canva

    Canva Logo

    Computer graphics are used everywhere nowadays; in presentations, posters, infogrphics, logo creation, business cards, invitations,  online advertisements and way many other things. But not everyone is a designer or has the budget to hire one, and here comes Canva.

    Canva is a free online app that allows anyone to create professional looking graphics (logo, infographics, business cards, advertisements, etc.) using drag and drop, the application is still in Beta but it’s packed with features, it’s worth clarifying that there are some assets (vector art and photos) that are paid but there’s a huge collection of free assets. Now and without further ado let me show you how it works.

    1. First, visit Canva website, you can either sign up using your Facebook account or create an account using your email.
    2. After logging in, you’ll be greeted by a menu to select what you want to design. You can either select from the templates, or just click on custom dimensions to create a custom dimensioned canvas, in this tutorial I’ll be choosing the “Business Card” template.Canva-select-the-canvas-template
    3. After clicking on the “Business Card” template, you’ll be directed to a new window to start your design.2 - Canva Interface
    4. Select the layout of your card from the drop down menu to the left, and drag and drop it on your canvas.
    5. To change the logo on the card simply click on it and either press the delete button on your keyboard or just select the delete tab from the menu that appeared when the logo was clicked.4 - Canva deleting logo
    6. To add a new logo simply search for what you want in the search bar, then just drag the new logo to the card.5 - Canva editing logo
    7. To change the company name on the new logo, click on the text in the logo and change it to whatever you want, you can also change the font style, size, and color from the menus that appeared after clicking the text on the logo.https://i0.wp.com/howtolearn.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/6-Canva-editing-text-on-logo.jpg?resize=426%2C342&ssl=1
    8. To edit the name on the card, click on “name” and a menu will appear from which you can select the color, font, and size. 7 - Canva editing text
    9. Finally, to get the Card we’ve just created, simply click the green “link and publish” tab at the top of the screen.8 - Canva publishing your design 1
    10. You’ll then be prompted by a new window to select the publishing format, I’ll be choosing PDF.

     9 - Canva publishing your design 2

    You can use the same above steps to create any type of graphic design; it’s worth noting that you can also add photos to your design from your own computer by simply uploading them.