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How to Install Drupal on Koding


    Update: Koding doesn’t provide free VMs for development anymore, you can’t use this post to learn about deploying Drupal on an Ubuntu server anymore.

    In previous posts we’ve discussed how to host a Drupal website for free on Openshift, we’ve also discussed how to host a Drupal website for free on Amazon web services (AWS) on a Windows Server VPS. In this post we shall discuss deploying Drupal on Koding.com.

    Before starting the guide there are some points that should be clarified; we’re discussing deploying Drupal on Koding for the sake of development (as an alternative to WAMP) and not for an actual production website as the free VM (virtual machine) provided by Koding for the free account is turned off after one hour of idling. Koding provide each user with a VM (virtual machine) that has 1GB of RAM and 3GB of storage.

    With the above clarification and without any further ado let’s dive into the guide.

    Step One

    First, visit www.koding.com and create a free account, you only need an email no other additional information is required.

    1 - Joomla installation on koding

    Step Two

    A verification email would be sent to you, you will need to use it in order to start using your VM, after doing that go to the terminal (bottom section of the window) and type the following command and hit “Enter”:

    kpm install mysql

     2 - Joomla installation on koding

    Step Three

    During MySQL installation you’ll be asked to create a password, create a strong password and write it (you can use KeePass or any password manager for that).

    3 - Joomla installation on koding

    Step Four

    After finishing the installation of MySQL you’ll be prompted by a message informing you that the installation is complete. Now, type the following in the command line:

    kpm install Drupal

    drupal - koding - installation - 11

    Step Five

    You’ll then be asked to enter your MySQL password you’ve created in step three.

    drupal - koding - installation - 22 Step Six

    After the installation is complete you’ll be prompted by a link to your newly created Drupal website.

    drupal - koding - installation - 3

    Step Seven

    Copy and paste that link to your browser and you’ll be directed to your Drupal installation window.

    drupal - koding - installation - 4

    Congratulations, you’ve successfully deployed Drupal on Koding. A final reminder; the VM provided by Koding will shutdown after 1 hour of idling so you’ve to take that into consideration. You can always turn it on again from your Koding console.