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How to Write Better Content Using Hemingway

    hemingway-logoThis week’s “How To” is about a tool that can help anyone write a better, more engaging; easy to read and understand content. This tool will be very helpful for those who prepare reports, Authors, Bloggers or anyone whose work is related to writing simple and compelling content.

    The tool is called Hemingway. Hemingway is a free web application that helps Authors, bloggers or any content creator writes a better, more compelling, and easy to read articles and that’s  achieved through a very simple interface as seen below.


    That interface helps you identify the following:

    1. Sentences those are hard to read.
    2. Sentences those are too long and boring to read (very hard to read as seen from in the above screenshot).
    3. The number of Adverbs used in an article and their limit.
    4. Sentences that requires modifications for better readability.
    5. The number of words or phrases that could be simpler.
    6. The number of passive voice used throughout the article and their limit.
    7. The number of paragraphs in your post or document.
    8. The number of sentences in your post or document
    9. The number of words in your post or document.
    10. The number of characters in your post or document.
    11. The overall grade for the readability of your article.

    Each one of the above suggestion for improvement is highlighted in a different color which makes it very easy for you to identify and correct it. This web application is a very simple yet powerful tool that would really help you write better content.