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Leica X4 Review; Design, Accuracy, And Direct Sunlight Performance

    Bottom Line: The Leica X4 represents poor quality manufacturing and poor customer support.

    In the first part of this series I’ve covered why we needed a laser meter, what we thought we needed in the laser meter and we ended up needed and used. I’ve covered to laser meter that we have bought and tested (Bosch GLM 50C, ADA Cosmos 150). In the second part of the series I’ve covered the Mileseey P7 I’ve also covered the pros and cons for each one and the ADA was the winning tool.

    We wanted to know whether the manufacturer differs in the laser meter and whether there is really something like good laser and bad laser, so we decided to buy one of the best (or so we thought) laser meters on the market at the time the Leica X4, this one was easy the unit sopped working after 3 month.

    I’ve contacted Leica thinking that they’re a reputable company and they’d help, unfortunately they’ve thrown us to their dealer who was extremely rude, not helpful and lack any type of professionalism. We’ve tried contacting them via email and guess what, they didn’t reply.

    We’ve asked for escalation and again nothing, I’ve contacted them via social media, they deleted my comments !

    Finally a Replacement Unit

    After a very long and tedious back and forth (5-6 weeks), they gave us a replacement unit and took the defected one. And to be fair after two years of working with this unit, it’s actually very reliable and accurate, I’m updating this post now in 2021 and the unit has withstood the harsh working environment, the problem is Leica’s customer service and their approach to solve the problem as bad to say the least.

    Pros of the Leica X4

    1. Very easy to use.
    2. The display is very clear even in direct sunlight.
    3. Very accurate measurements in direct sunlight. We’ve reached more than 100 meters with it.
    4. Long battery life.
    5. Indirect measurement functions are available.

    Cons of the Leica X4

    1. The first unit broke in under 6 months.
    2. If you use it with a conventional tripod and try to use indirect measurements you’ll get a wrong measurements/readings. The error increases as you get closer to the object being measured.
    3. Most of the options and features in the mobile app are paid.

    Though the second unit worked OK, their poor customer service would make me avoid any Leica product by all possible means.

    In the coming post I’ll review the new laser meter we’ve bought the Bosch GLM 120 C.