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Community QuestionsCategory: GeneralIs there an easy way to create a food blog?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago

I’ve read the articles here about creating a free website but they’re too techie for me and I’d like to ask whether there’s an easier way to create a food blog?

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GuestGirl answered 8 years ago

If you want to have a standalone blog and don’t aspire to have thousands of visitors you can go the route of your own website. It gives you great control over your site and you can easily implement your own ads to make some money if you let the public see it. However, with this model it is very often expensive to attract an audience.
If you don’t have plans to expand beyond what most blog sites offer for free you can check out blogger (google owned), wordpress, or microblogging services like tumblr. Be aware each of these have their own social dynamics and customer base- tumblr is dominated by teenage and college age young adults with varied interests. WordPress is used by many different users including professionals and has somewhat less “community drift.” Blogger is sort of a middle ground when it comes to people with different interests intersecting, leaning more towards wordpress (less cross over of your audiences). Tumblr has the most exchange in terms of social groups and features. There are many other hosts but these remain the most popular after many years of service and each has their drawbacks and benefits.
You might also consider Google Sites for a free website set up of a standalone blog, though your control over look and feel on your site is very limited. This type of option is good if you would like to just use the blog to share with family and friends and select people online. You can even set the privacy access so only people you share your link with can see it, or you can set it to just yourself or the public. What google lacks in visual flexibility is made up for in it’s ease and speed of set-up.
Finally you may consider using a service like bitnami which installs content management software like blog platforms for you onto cloud hosting services like amazon’s. Even if you do not use them to install your software, they provide 1 hour admin access to demos of each software or app they host for free (up to 10 1 hour trials per free account). This will require a bit more technical understanding than having a public host for your blog.
You may also consider finding photography hubs with limited social features involved such as an artist’s blog.
There are many options out there so it is understandable to feel overwhelmed.