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What do I provide as WordPress’ Connection Information?

Community QuestionsCategory: Content Management SystemWhat do I provide as WordPress’ Connection Information?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I followed the details of https://howtolearn.me/host-multiple-wordpress-website-free-aws-ubuntu-zpanel/ and I have created a wordpress site – however trying to update it I am required to provide some additional details. Hostname, FTP Username FTP Password. What I want to know is whether this information is from the zPanels FTP account option, or from the EC2 instance.

As a bonus question on the same subject, when connecting to my ec2 instance through SFTP where do I find the installed wordpress files?

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Ahmed Mahmoud Staff answered 3 years ago

First, sorry for my late reply and thanks for your questions;
1. I’ve to warn you that ZPanel is no longer maintained and it’s not advisable to use it, with that out of the way, the FTP information required are the ones of ZPanel.
2. I personally used to access it from the AjaXplorer, but I think You should find it inside the ZPanel directory.

Hope that would help.

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