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FotoJet Overview

    fotojet logo

    FotoJet is an online photo editing, collage creation, and graphics creation web application. It’s like mixing Canva and Polarr and getting the most common features of both. The main advantage of FotoJet is that it’s all online so you don’t have to download anything to start using it, also there’s a free tier to start tinkering around with the application. Now, and without further ado let’s dive into the application and it’s main features.

    First thing first you need to create an account to log in and start using the application, that would be accomplished either through, Facebook login or creating an account using your own username and password. After confirming your email and logging in, you’re ready to go.

    In the main window you’ve to choose the type of job; Create a Design,  Make a Collage, and Edit a photo, we shall start with creating a design.

    1 - FotoJet choosing the job

    Create a Design

    Now, you’ll be directed to a window to choose the type of design you want to create whether it’s a flyer for your business or a banner for your YouTube channel, the size of the working area (canvas) will be optimized for that purpose. Now, if what you want to design is available in the template selection then you won’t face any problem, but if you want  to create a design with a custom size (e.g. logo) then you’ll have to subscribe and though the subscription fees are reasonable ( $4.99 billed monthly, $2.99 billed annually), this feature (custom size canvas) is available for free on Canva.

    3 - FotoJet graphics design

    Now, after selecting your template (or creating a custom one) you’ll be directed to your workspace as seen below, you can either start with a template and then edit it or you can start with a blank canvas, some of the templates are free while others are available only for premium users.

    2 - FotoJet graphics design

    In the “Text” tab you can edit the text color, font, font size and everything related to it. Again some of the fonts are free while other are available only for premium users.

    Through the “Clipart” and “background” tabs you can add clipart and change the background of your design, again as with the above sections some of the items are available for free while others are available only for premium users.

    Finally, from the top menu, you can save, share, return back from your design, cloud saving is only available for subscribing users, free users can only save their design on their computers.

    Now, to compare FotoJet design section to Canva, in Canva you can save to the cloud, choose a custom canvas size, but you’ve to buy individual clipart, backgrounds, fonts, etc. (most of the items are $1) if the free selection doesn’t suit your taste, on the other hand in FotoJet you will have to pay only once and then you can enjoy everything for free.

    Make a Collage

    When you select making a collage, you’re directed to a window to select either a template or a generic collage proportions template, where you select the number of sections and their sizes.

    4 - FotoJet graphics design

    After selecting the main template and being directed to your workspace, you’ll have the same options discussed above in the “create a design” section, some items are available for free while others are paid. Comparing it to Canva which has a dedicated Collage template as well, you can see that you’re comparing either between one-time subscription or pay per item.

    Edit a Photo

    The final module is the photo editing module, in which you can upload your photo and start editing it. The basic functionality is free while other more advanced options are paid.

    5 - FotoJet graphics design

    The basic editing tools include; cropping, resizing, rotating exposure and color, of course, there are filters that are free that you can add as well as overlays. Of course, all of the advanced options are for premium users as well as some clipart, texts, etc. So of course, Polarr has more free options than FotoJet but again FotoJet excels in the workflow as it has more options within the same package, for example,  if you want to import a photo edit it and then use it in a YouTube banner or any other project then FotoJet workflow would be better for you.

    Bottom Line

    As we can see from the above explanation that FotoJet has a very intuitive interface that is very easy to use and won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to know your way around the application.

    FotoJet represents a new breed of web applications that streamline the workflow of some professionals, who take photos, edit them and use them in a project. The free tier is quite useful though not as powerful as Canva free tier. The premium tier is arguably cheaper than both Canva and Polarr though not as feature rich as each web application on its own. So if you want an all-rounder web application that is reasonably priced (or even free) for photo editing and graphics creation then FotoJet is an extremely useful tool that you should start learn to use.

    Of course, FotoJet will continue to develop and evolve and that’s the beauty of web applications, they’re continuously evolving without requiring its user to download and install a new version, so the workflow is always flawless and steady.