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How to Plan Office Space, Store Space and Home Renovation Online Part Three (Planner 5D)

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     In the first two parts of this “How To” series we’ve presented two free online tools (HomeByMe.com and Space Designer 3D) that business and home owners can use while planning office space, store space and home renovation.

    This post will present Planner 5D; the third free online tool that business and home owners can use while planning office space, store space and home renovation. First, we shall discuss what anyone needs (if any) in order to start using Planner 5D then we shall present a small tutorial on how to build a conference room using the application that would familiarize you with the interface as well as give you a glimpse of how the application works. A full list of the pros and cons of this application will be presented at the end of the post, and without further ado let’s dive into Planner 5D.

    Planning Office, Store and Room Space Using Planner 5D


    1. When you first visit Planner 5D website, click on the get started tab, a new window will appear just sign up with your email and choose a password.

     1 - sign up for Planner 5D

    Getting Started with Planner 5D

    Plan a Conference Room

    1. We’ll be planning a conference room using Planner 5D; this will give you a general idea about the application interface and capabilities.
    2. After logging into your account, the projects window will appear, select “start from scratch”. 2 - select start from scratch Planner 5D
    3. When you first open a new project, you’ll be prompted by a window explaining the interface for you. 3 - Planner 5D Interface
    4. To change the dimensions of the room just drag the wall up/down/left/right to the dimensions you want, the conference room we’re going to build is (8 m X 4 m). 4 - Planner 5D changing dimensions
    5. First, we shall add a door to the room, to do so just go to construction >> doors >> room doors, and drag the door you want and drop it to the wall you want. 5 - Planner 5D adding a door
    6. To edit the properties of the door (or any other asset), just click on it and the list of available options will appear.6 - Planner 5D assets options
    7. Second, we shall add the windows, to do so just go to construction >> windows and drag the window design you want to the wall you want. 7 - Planner 5D adding windows
    8. You’ll notice that some of the window designs have a yellow house icon, that means that these designs aren’t free and you’ll have to pay in order to have access to them, that’s one of the drawbacks that we’re going to list later in the post.8 - Planner 5D paid assets
    9. Now, we need to add the meetings table, to do so just go to interior >> furniture >> office furniture >> workplace and drag the table you want and drop it in the room in the place you want. 9 - Planner 5D adding tables
    10. We want to add some chairs now, to do so go to interior >> furniture >> tables and chairs >> office chairs and drag the chair you want and drop it where you want in the room.10 - Planner 5D adding chairs
    11. Now, we’ll add a projector screen, to do so just go to interior >> electric appliances >> video and TV and drag the screen to want and drop it in the room where you want. 11 - Planner 5D adding projector screen
    12. To add plants, just go to interior >> misc >> plants and drag the plant you want and drop it where you want in the place you want in the room.12 - Planner 5D adding plants
    13. To view the room in 3D just click on the 3D tab at the right hand side and the view will change to 3D and you can have a walkthrough inside the room using the mouse.

    13 - Planner 5D 3D view

    You can use the same above steps to add more assets and change the design of the room. Finally, we shall discuss the pros and cons of Planner 5D.


    1. Free.
    2. It’s easy to use.
    3. You don’t need to download any client on your computer.


    1. Limited number of free assets and you can’t add your own.
    2. It has a very limited number of free textures and colors for assets.
    3. You’ve to pay for some of the assets.

    Verdict: This is a good tool that you can use to plan store/office space as well as planning home renovation. Compared to the other two tools we’ve discussed in the last two posts HomeByMe.com and space Designer 3D, it lies in between as it’s better than Space Designer 3D (it can be used to plan an entire house not just a single room) but it’s not as powerful and rich as HomeByMe.com (Planner 5D has a limited collection of assets and some of them are paid).