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How to Install TensorFlow Docker Container on Dply


    Before proceeding please note that Dply services are no longer available 

    We’ve covered installing Docker on Dply.co in a previous post, this post will be a follow on to this post and we’ll use Docker containers to install TensorFlow Docker container on dply.co.

    This post will be an introduction to deploying TensorFlow on dply.co using Docker containers, please note that the free tier of dply.co is only for 2 hours so you should only use it for trial purposes, of course, you can always pay to make it a production version.

    Step One

    Follow the first post to create an account and install Docker.

    Step Two

    In the terminal window, we’ll need to install Docker compose using the following command;

    docker run -it -p 8888:8888 gcr.io/tensorflow/tensorflow:latest-devel -v /tf_files/project_name.

    1 - TensorFlow Docker on Dply

    Step Three

    You’ll then be prompted by the below error message, just ignore it.

    2 - TensorFlow Docker on Dply

    Step Four

    After the TensorFlow Docker container is downloaded and setup, we want to check it using the following command

    docker ps -a

    3 - TensorFlow Docker on Dply

    Step Five

    You should be prompted by the following message

    4 - TensorFlow Docker on Dply

    Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed a TensorFlow container on Dply, You can now take your first step in machine learning using the TensorFlow tutorials.